The Pocket Camera Quest Part 1(Sony DSC WX350 Mini Review)

For me, image quality has always been one of the top priorities when purchasing a new camera. As a result of this endless pursuit, I have sacrificed size and portability. While large sensor cameras have decreased in size, they are still simply to big for pockets. I purchased the x100s years ago somehow convinced myself that it would be my pocket camera. I tried everything from different neck straps to wrists straps to somehow make the camera more comfortable to carry. However, there was never a time in which the camera was just there along for the ride. Now dont get me wrong, the quality on that camera is amazing and when I make it a point to go out and take photos, carrying it is not a problem. However, with my busy schedule, photo walks are far and few between.

Recently I set out to find a semi decent pocket camera and by pocket camera I MEAN IT CAN FIT IN YOUR POCKET! There are far to many sites that claim for example the x100/S/T can fit in your pocket, well maybe if you are wearing parachute pant,s but in real life normal jeans, not a chance. So I went to Best Buy and other local electronic stores to see what camera could fit in my pocket with ease. There was a variety of small point and shoots, but their quality was sub par and they felt like a toy camera.Then I came across the Sony WX350

The camera is a good 2 inches shorter than my iphone 6, granted it is about 3 times thicker but man this thing is small and here comes the kicker. It has 20X optical zoom with 40x clear image zoom (basically digital zoom), a camera that can fit in fit in the ball of my hand can zoom to places I cant even see.

After two days of use I came across some major compatibility issues. This camera is a great camera for those that want a point and shoot. However the inability to adjust simple settings such as shutter speed and aperture, as well as the lack of EVF was a deal breaker for me. Here are some samples:

With regret, I returned the camera a couple days later  but I absolutely needed to adjust my camera settings. I also feared that Sony would release a new version of this camera in the near future as this camera is over a year old. (UPDATE turns out a couple of days after creating this post Sony announced the HX90v and the WX500 Those cameras are available for purchase until  June. My search for a more fitting pocket camera continues with the Panasonic ZS50…. and I think I found a winner (review coming soon).

If your interested in this camera click on it, the link will take you to Amazon.


3 thoughts on “The Pocket Camera Quest Part 1(Sony DSC WX350 Mini Review)

      • Your correct…. However the photographer inside me just needed more. There is something to be said about taking photos with a camera and not a phone. A camera makes you feel more immersed in the scene.

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