Adobe Lightroom CC Start Up Issue

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 5.54.45 PM

Hey everyone, some of you may know about the new version of Adobe Lightroom was released today. The main features that caught my attention were RAW HDR and performance upgrades. Being that I already subscribe to Adobe and that they decided to be super awesome and offer the upgrade to LCC for free, I thought why not upgrade. However I ran into a small problem:

For those that try to launch LCC but only see the start screen for a brief second and then nothing happens, here is your quick fix from Adobe themselves: This fix was done on a mac.

1. Click on the Abode cloud icon in the right hand corner of the screen.

2. Click on the Gear Icon.

3. Click on Preferences.

4. Click on the Sign Out Icon

5. After You Sign Out, Sign back in.

6. Launch your new version of Lightroom.

7. Have Fun.

Karma Glasses


Karma Glasses

For those of you who like Karma stories this ones for you. Last year I photographed a wedding where all the groomsmen wanted to wear sunglasses for some of their group portraits and during the ceremony. However there was one problem, one of the groomsmen forgot his sunglasses. So naturally being the nice guy that I am, I gave my sunglasses to the glasses-less groomsman. As the weeding day progressed, I got in my zone, and it wasn’t until I was on my way home, 300 miles away from the location that I realized I didn’t get my glasses back.

These glasses were nowhere near expensive…. In fact I think I bought them at the dollar store. I have a seriously bad habit of breaking sunglasses, so until I can learn to treat sunglasses better, I go with the cheap. But regardless of the price, they looked good on me, did their job, and were even considered to be “in”.

Fast forward 5 months. After having a grand old day navigating my campus on crutches, I was waiting for my ride (hopefully I will be back in the FR-S soon) when this girl sitting next to me handed me some sunglasses in a unwrapped bag (see photo above) and said “here I just won these and I don’t need them”. They looked exactly like the pair I gave away. I said “Thanks, that made my day!” and put them on. My glorious mind took a little bit of time and then I remembered about the wedding and told her (Dia) the story. We both concluded it was Karma.

While Karma’s general accepted Buddhism and Hinduism’s definition is:  Your actions in this life will influence your fate in the next. While many people believe its mysticism is to repay someone through material items, it is important to remember that it takes the self or the human to transport and breed Karma. Thanks to people like Dia, Karma can continue to  thrive.

Product Review: Expert Shield, Protect Yourself


I was excited when Expert Shield asked me to review their screen protector for the Fujifilm x20. I currently was living life with my x20 unprotected and there were few times where I thought that I had scratched my screen but thanks to Expert Shield I wont have to worry about that again.

Design:  I was pleased with the small packaging. Lots of other screen protectors and products come in oversized cardboard boxes with metal attachments and loads of tape. I can’t help but laugh every time I purchase an item were I feel like Im paying half of the price for the container. Im not an environmentalist by any means but whether conscious or not I give bonus points to Expert Shield for their minimalist design.

Contents: Only the basics and that’s fine. While cleaning fluid is nice, water is everywhere. Included is a nice cleaning cloth and the screen protector. Directions are conveniently located on the back of the packing, so don’t throw it away until you’ve applied it.


Application: Expert shields application process is very similar to other screen protectors. Its a two step process that most will find familiar.  I would rate my screen applying skills slightly below average. I had to realign mine once which resulted in a slight permanent air bubble in the corner. I also had some “normal” air bubbles and was able to get rid of them by using the included packaging to smooth them out. What I like best about this screen protector is that it does not affect the image quality. In fact its very hard to tell that there is a screen protector on.


Functionality: The first time I misaligned the screen protector, removing it was some what difficult. This difficultly is actually a very good sign that the screen protector will stay on for a long time. Expert Shield protector will function just as any other protector. Protection from smudges, scratches and the unknown come standard. There are competitor’s such as Zagg, that offer military grade protection but lets be honest Im not sure what the point of having a military grade screen protector is? If you need that kind of protection for your screen the rest of the camera or device isnt going survive.

Conclusion: Expert Shield screen protectors offer a piece of mind without altering the clarity of your screen. For me, I don’t have to worry about my metal zippers on my duffel bag scratching the screen every time I take my camera out and at $11.95 its an inexpensive way to protect your screen.  If you would like to purchase a screen for your camera, tablet, or phone visit: Expert Shield

iPhone: Goodbye 3G, Hello 5!

Its been a good run. I bought my iPhone 3G roughly six months after its released in 2008. I babied the phone, then in 2010, I dropped my phone from about 2 feet and could no longer plug in my headphones all the way. If I plugged them in the song I was listening to would actually speed up. The rest of the phone worked fine. Next my volume buttons fell off. At this point in time I was eligible for an upgrade however the phone still worked like a charm, minus the fact that I had to cram my finger nail in the side to adjust the volume. I didn’t want to upgrade because the phone still did whats is supposed to do… text, email, and make calls.

I got tired of putting a case on my phone so I went all natural.  The phone started to acquire small scratches on the back but nothing on the screen. Then the phone took a full six foot drop and received a small inch in a half crack on the back of it. The phone still functioned fine!  A couple of months later, my mute button broke off. Still the phone made calls, so no need to upgrade. One minor annoyance was that I had to turn off the phone in the classroom because  I couldn’t mute it. The phone acquired more cracks but still worked fine.

When the 4s came out I was very tempted to upgrade but decided to wait till the 5 came out. In the months leading up to the release of the iPhone 5 my 3G took a huge it…. I dropped it again but this time the screen cracked in a bunch of spider web like lines. This was the kicker, I had promised my friends and family that I would upgrade to the 5 no matter what but deep down inside I had this odd love similar to someone who owns a car or a truck with hundreds of thousands of miles on it. I knew that when they released the 5 I would still want to keep my 3G. However texting and reading with the cracked screen eventually broke me down and I preordered my iPhone 5 a day after it was announced.

Why I love Apple so much is their product worked flawlessly until I managed to give it too much physical abuse. Had the screen not have broken I probably still would have it. My mac is the same way. Working just as fast and as reliable as the day i bought it. New advances in Apple technology force you too upgrade your equipment in order to  enjoy the  latest luxuries however if your fine with old technology you don’t need to upgrade. Now I’ve been on both sides of the fence when it comes to Mac or PC and iPhone or other. Apple is the only way to go. Theres a reason why everyone wants one and its not to be in the “in crowd”…. reliability. I could go on forever about the pros and cons, however I am happy with my choices and you are or could be too.

Be sure to follow my blog because as soon as I get my iPhone 5 which should happen this week. I am going to do an entry dedicated to its camera.

The inevitable Mac OS name change

Today I was thinking , what happens when Apple runs out of cat names to name their operating systems? So far they have used the following names:

Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther,  Tiger, Leopard,  Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion.

Im no cat expert but Im pretty sure that Apple is running out of cat names. According to my calculations lynx, cougar, bobcat…. liger? ( don’t pull a napeoleon dynamite on me) are the only names left. So whats next ? Im thinking shark names. They still maintain a special ora to the operating system. In reality if Apple were to use the last four cat names they would not have  to worry about changing animals for five to six years. Im wondering what your guess are, comment below.

The Three Realms

The Three Realms is a  composite that I made from 8 photos. It is a depiction of Heaven and Hell with the Earth in the middle hence the title: The Three Realms. Originally, I was exploring the option of making a scene of Heaven with images from the clouds and the buildings. However, I was struck by inspiration and continued to add more and more to the composite until I was satisfied.  I really enjoyed working on this for a couple hours and then stepping away from the computer to contemplate my next move with the composite.

What makes this composite so special is that the images were taken with three different cameras (Canon Rebel XT, Canon 7D, and The Canon 5D Mark II) over the span of five years. Starting with the Heavenly Stars- taken from my backyard, The Heavenly buildings- The San Giorgio Monastery in Venice, Italia, Heavenly clouds, Earthly mountains – from a local mountain peak, and Hell- from local 2008 and 2009 wildfires.

My interpretation of the image moving from bottom to the top of the image:

Hell- the small specs of light represent the unknown…. they could be demons or eyes of monsters.  The fire and smoke represent heat and suffering. Fire is beginning to ignite the bottom part of the earth indicatiing where the world might be headed.

Earth- Life represent by lush greens. The large separated houses represent the desire for individuality and freedom.

Heaven- The dense clouds are my idea of the unknown location and difficult path to get to Heaven. Once above the clouds, everything is clean, simple, and clear. The buildings could represent the house of God or maybe a personal castle away from the evils of the Earth and Hell. The stars represent the vast size of what Heaven could be.

My interpretation and inspiration to apply meaning behind everything in the Three Realms comes from Dr. Fred Levine and his Art History lectures.