How to Remove a Fotodiox Nikon f/AI adaptor to EOS

So I learned that I wasnt the only person getting their fingers sliced up while trying to remove the Fotodiox Nikon adaptor off an canon camera. I finally figured it out and shot a quick video on how to remove it.

***I take no responislbity for anyone breaking their adaptor/lens/camera or injuring themselves in the process of removing the adaptor. In other words be careful.***

Taking off the adaptor is actually very simple:

Step 1: take the lens off the camera

Step 2: locate the metal flap, stick a flat head screwdriver under the flap and while lifting the flap up move the flap slightly to the left. The goal here is too hang the flap on the rim so that it stays up

Step 3: lastly twist the adaptor off. Use caution when twisting the adaptor off. It is very sharp and will slice your fingers if your not careful. I recommend using gloves.

I’m a visual person so if the directions dont help here’s a video I shot of me taking the adaptor off: